Working for Behrens Logistics.

Don’t just transport any old thing. Transport safety!

Allow us to introduce Behrens - the dangerous goods specialists. So, no dangerous material is too demanding for you? Do you fancy working with interesting clients? Can we always rely 100% on you? Then we should definitely get to know each other!

As a logistics company in the dangerous goods sector, Behrens Logistics serves all dangerous goods classes. Always reliably, always safely and always one step ahead. We measure ourselves against this standard and do our best to go beyond it every single day. After all, we’re familiar with hundreds of dangerous goods and thousands of safety regulations - but have only one priority: our customers.

Frank Wahsner, driver of dangerous goods internationally via EXIII articulated lorries

I transport safety. Since 2009.

I learned of Behrens at the time through a job advertisement from SVG Bremen. It quickly became clear that this was the right employer for me. Everyone is valued here at Behrens and quickly finds their place in what is a familiar and uncomplicated company structure. My colleagues from the scheduling department are fair to us drivers – we all want to work together to achieve the best results. I like that we drive full loads, which means less loading and unloading. I also really enjoy driving for our dangerous goods customers. The clean and technically flawless vehicles I drive make the work twice as enjoyable.

Frank Wahsner, driver of dangerous goods internationally
Rolf Groke, driver of dangerous goods internationally via EXIII articulated lorries

I am a dangerous goods specialist. Since 2006.

I came to Behrens Logistik more than 15 years ago after reading an advertisement in the employment office. Since then, I’ve felt right at home here. The company is constantly making progress, not only in terms of technology and pay, but also in the further development of the team and of interpersonal relationships. Good performance is recognised, and everyone is valued for the work they do. I am proud to work in a team full of specialists – because our customers and their dangerous goods need true professionals.



Rolf Groke, driver of dangerous goods internationally
We are Behrens. We transport safety.
Join us!

Why you should work for us.

There are a lot of logistics companies. But only a few dangerous goods carriers. Specialists like us are unique.

Perfect equipment

We pay attention to modern and high-quality work equipment, in our logistics processes and in our vehicle fleet.

Honest and respectful interaction

We keep a cool head, even in stressful situations, and adapt as needed. We give feedback promptly, and our doors are always open for our employees to share their concerns.

Reliability and safety

Both have the highest priority - not only towards our customers, but also in our dealings with our employees.

Interesting customers and transports

With us, you will never stop learning. The world of dangerous goods transport is constantly evolving - and we stand together to face these challenges.

Sense of belonging

In our team, all the cogs mesh to perfection. This is what makes us so successful as a dangerous goods carrier.

When will you join us?
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We have yet more to offer. You too can benefit from what we have to offer.


Above-average and punctual remuneration


Christmas bonus and special payments


28 days of annual leave


Initial and further training opportunities


Option of occupational pension provision


Company bike


High-quality work clothing


Modern ergonomic workplaces (office and fleet)


Home working an option

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