Transport of dangerous goods.

Class 1 to 9 dangerous goods and more besides – we transport what others are not allowed to.

Class 1 dangerous goods transports (Germany and within the EU, including Norway, the UK and Switzerland)

Behrens Logistics is one of the few forwarding companies in Germany to be allowed to transport explosives. We have all the necessary transport permits and escorts. We will manage your transport smoothly and safely, from collection of the dangerous goods from your premises to their delivery to the recipient. All vehicles for the transport of class 1 dangerous goods have EXII and EXIII approval and now even boast mobile off-road forklifts.

Class 2 to 9 dangerous goods transports (within the EU)

All Behrens Logistics employees have the necessary permits for the overland transportation of dangerous goods of classes 2 to 9. We will also take care of the transport of radioactive dangerous goods (class 7) for you.

Transport in accordance with the German Weapons of War Control Act (KrWaffKontrG)

The transport of war weapons is subject to the granting of various authorisations. As your specialist for the transport of dangerous goods, we have all the necessary documentation for both domestic and international transport.

Carrier of secure air cargo/mail

For the transport of secure air freight, you need more than just suitable vehicles. The responsible employees must also be licensed as shippers of secure air cargo. At Behrens Logistics, all the prerequisites are in place. Moreover, we are listed with the LBA Luftfahrtbundesamt (German Federal Aviation Authority) as a carrier of secure air freight (approval reference no.: DE/H/01560-01).

Transport of prohibited weapons domestically and abroad (in accordance with Section 40 WaffG)

We have a permit from the Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Police Office - BKA) to transport prohibited weapons within Germany in accordance with Section 40 WaffG.

Storage of class 1 dangerous goods (incl. KrWaffKontrG)

The storage of dangerous goods needs specialists. At one site in Lower Saxony, we can now offer you storage facilities extending over approx. 6,000 m² for dangerous goods of classes 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 with high net explosive masses. Our warehouse is guarded around the clock so that we can safely store your goods there even over a longer period.

Transport of hazardous waste (Germany and within the EU)

We have a permit to transport hazardous waste
(carrier number: C00050204).

Accompaniment of military training manoeuvres

As one of the few dangerous goods transporters, we also use our experience and qualifications to accompany manoeuvres on military training grounds. We offer organisational and support services, for instance, during the demonstration or testing of weapons and/or class 1 dangerous goods.

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