Dangerous goods logistics provider.

We will take on all logistics and logistics-related tasks along your entire value chain.

We are more than just your specialists for the transport of dangerous goods of all classes. We will also take care of the planning and implementation of the logistical processes for your project. This service includes:


The procurement of packaging for your dangerous goods


Labelling the goods


The provision of external dangerous goods safety advisers


The individual adaptation of our vehicles to your needs or those of your goods


Escorts for your transport

We transport what others are not allowed to.

Central warehouse

With our approx. 6,000 m² warehouse in Lower Saxony, we will also gladly take on the function of a central warehouse for your goods, including KrWaffKontrG accounting, quality inspection before storage and round-the-clock guarding.

Returns & track & trace

As an experienced logistics provider, we will also process your returns and offer you the possibility to track the status of your shipment at any time with our track-and-trace function.


Once your goods have arrived at their destination, we will dispose of any packaging material and hazardous waste on request.

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