We transport safety.

Behrens - your dangerous goods specialists.

Who says that transporting dangerous goods has to be dangerous? Ultimately, it comes down to experience.

So let us introduce Behrens – your dangerous goods specialists.

We’re familiar with hundreds of dangerous goods and thousands of safety regulations - but have only one priority: You.

With over 30 years on the road, a Europe-wide partner network and a comprehensive ADR vehicle fleet, we will take on all logistical and logistics-related tasks along your entire value chain.

Dangerous goods all-rounder

We will procure, pack and label, support you as external dangerous goods safety advisors, store and retrieve, guard, escort transports and dispose of hazardous waste.

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Always in touch with the times

Regular training is our fuel – reliability and a sense of responsibility our tools.

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Dangerous goods of the highest class

Class 1 to 9 dangerous goods, international aid supplies and more besides – we transport what others are not allowed to.

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